Software Applications for the
Internet and Windows
xManage your organization and your data online

Publishpoint provides software solutions to help you organize and publish information on the internet through your website for your intended audience. Our web-based applications will increase the efficiency and flexibility of your business or organization. Manage content, share information, publish data and ideas.

OrbitEDI: Electronic Data Interchange: LIMS < > EMR
  • Middleware data management platform for exchanging data between Lab Information Management Systems and Electronic Medical Record Platforms.
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Web Based Fitness Platform
Training Journals and Workout Logs for Athletes and other Workout Nuts

Web Platform for Drug & Alcohol Testing and Random Selection

Publishpoint has developed a web based software system for drug & alcohol testing including software modules for random selection. Our web based application is a comphrehensive management solution for substance abuse prevention. Visit our companion website for details:
Publishpoint has established a platform, drug test network, for software as a service, Internet Based. For more information visit:
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