Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Software for Data Management and Random Selection
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Drug Testing Software. Tools for the TPA, MRO, Employers & Schools
  • Simplify required record keeping procedures under DOT's Alcohol & Drug Testing regulation (49 CFR Part 40). 
  • Generate random selections with comprehensive detail audit trails.
  • Meets DOT's requirement for "scientifically valid" random selection
  • Multi-level password protection helps you maintain confidentiality of records.
  • Generates DOT-required and management reports in minutes.
  • Software comes pre-loaded with substance list, test type, sample type, and disposition list to make data entry fast and hassle- free. 
  • Get the flexibility to print test reports by number of alcohol or drug tests, number of positive tests, number of tests by a particular MRO, and more.
  •  System Operating Requirements: Windows® 98/NT/2000/XP.

DOT rules and regulations (49 CFR Part 40) are available from the DOT's website. Download a copy in either Microsoft® Word or Adobe® Acrobat.

DOT web address for information about 49 CFR Part 40: http://www.dot.gov/ost/dapc/

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